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If you are new blogger and searching for an ad network which you can use to monetize your new website so here I am disclosing Five best Ad networks which suits to every new blogger !!


Ad networks


Adsense is very popular and No-1 choice of every blogger because they serve target and quality ads but there is tough to get approve adsense account .

Unique content is not enough , Google Adsense check your website on various parameter .

New Blogs can not pass their quality parameter easily . There are many adsense alternatives  are available to monetize website but all are not good . Half of them cheat bloggers and deny to pay them when bloggers reach their minimum payout so I have found six best  adsense alternatives which can be use to monetize website and start making cash !!

If you are facing problem to get approval of Adsense , You must try these Six best ad networks !!


Six Ad networks which are most Popular and reliable :


1-     PopAds :


adsense alternatives

PopAds is very reliable Ad network for small publishers because If any publisher has low traffic on their website even they can apply for PopAds network .

PopAds is started in 2010 & best part is all type of blogs and websites are accepted including Porn website and other adult content also . When you sign up , You can choose auto withdrawal option so you will get your payment once you reach your minimum payout !!




Approval is very fast just like Instant !!


Highlight points of PopAds :

  1. There are high CPM rates when compared to other ad networks
  2. No minimum traffic requirements
  3. Minimum payout is $5
  4. Auto money withdrawal
  5. Payment methods are Paypal and Payoneer .


2-     Propellerads :



Propellerads is a CPM Ad network which is best for any new website owner or any new blogger. You just need to complete 4 easy step :

  1. Create Ad
  2. After create ad you can place on your website .
  3. You can make  between $1-$4 for 1000 views
  4. Minimum payout is $100


3-     Revenue Hits :



Revenue Hits is slightly different when you will compare with other ad networks .

If you are planning to join this Ad network so wait a second !! You will not get anything for clicks or impressions. You will get paid when click is turned into action. Let me make you understand through Example , Suppose if advertisers want user information, they advertise using Revenue Hits.

Bloggers need to place ad code on their blog and when their visitors click on ad and fill their information like Name and email id , So blogger (You ) will get paid .

You can make $10-$50 per action .

Minimum payout is just $50

You will get paid via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer


4-     Bidvertiser :



Bidvertiser is very old ad network and founded in 2002 . They offer various ad format !

There is minimum payout of bidvertiser is just $10 and you can get paid via Paypal but If you want your payment via cheque so minimum payout will be $20 and if you want to get paid via bank transfer so minimum payout will be $50


5-     Chitika :



Chitika was one of the famous AdSense alternatives.  But due to huge competition in ad network companies , Chitika is not very Popular as it was in back in days !!

But for new bloggers can apply for Chitika because it is old and reliable ad network with low minimum payout .


6-     Infolinks :



Infolinks is most popular and favorite ad network among bloggers !!

Infolinks also provide various ad format and they are best in in-text ads.


I tried to collect reliable and trust worthy ad networks for every blogger who struggle with Google adsense .

I know they are not as popular as Google adsense but they have good reputation in ad industries and you can apply and monetize your website and start making cash without Adsense .

I hope this information will be helpful for you especially if you are searching any ad networks for monetization . You can share this article with your friends may be this article will be gold mine for them and also share your feedback and also let me know any good alternation which I did not cover in this article but you think it should be added in list !!








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