How to start a blog with low investment ?

How to start a blog


If You are looking passive income through online then blogging is one of the best & popular method in internet . There are many free platforms are available where you can start your own blog but if you are serious blogger and want to set up your blog  then you need to invest in blogging . Here I am sharing with you that how to start a blog with low investment .


How to start a blog with low investment :


1-     Domain name :

Are you starting a blog ?? so Domain name is very important and should be your first investment . If you go with free blogging platforms so they give you sub domain with blog which are not relevant to gain traffic from search engine now a days !! If you want to be popular through your blog then you must invest in top level domain .

Before purchase domain , You should think very carefully that it should be related to your niche and it is best if you will buy domain which contains your keyword  !!

I would highly recommend Lean domain search website where you can search your top level domain using your keyword . Best part of this website is , it will show you many domain names which have your keyword and also let you inform that which domain is available to purchase !!




If you want to register your domain so I would like to recommend you two websites :

1-     GoDaddy

2-     Namecheap


These two websites are most trust worthy sites but sometimes prices are little high so do not worry ! They offer special discounts time to time which you can use while purchasing domain .


2-     Web hosting :


Starting a blog


Web hosting plays major role in blogging & that’s why it should be your second most important investment . Friends you can use your domain with free blogging platforms but always remember that free stuff comes with limitations so if you want to be professional blogger so instead of free platforms , You should go with Word press premium platform . Here I want to clear one point is Word press is free but you need web hosting to use word press .


3-     Themes :

If you have low budget then above two investments are enough because there are many free themes are available in internet and you will also get many free themes in word press but as I said free stuff comes with limitations !!  Free themes are neither well customized  nor SEO optimized and so if you  want to make a blog professionally &  can increase your budget so theme should be your third investment .


4-     Premium Tools and Plugins  :

Word press is very powerful due to their  plugins . Many plugins are free but few plugins are premium & more powerful and beneficial but you need to pay to use those plugins . It can be good investment but not essential investment in starting a blog .


5-     Hire Quality writers & Developers  :



If you have busy schedule and you can not post regular basis which is most important in blogging or if you are not able to write quality articles then you can hire professional writers for your blog . Developers can help you in theme customization and video editing so you can save your time and your blog will grow fast on right path !!


6-     Advertise your blog :
Make a blog with low budget


If you have more budget then this investment can create magic for your blog !! You know very well  that advertisement and promotion plays important role in getting success that’s why many big companies advertise their product . You can simply go with Facebook advertisement or Google adwords which make provide good and target traffic in your blog . Read how to drive traffic to your website


7-    Starting a blog according to budget :

You can checkout below bullet points where I tried to make you understand in short form that how to start a blog according to your budget so have a look :


1-     If you are out of money so you can make a blog  with free blogging platforms like Blogspot & blogger .


2-     If you have low budget then you can purchase domain and use your domain with free platforms.


3-     If you have medium budget then invest in web hosting too .


4-     If you have good budget then invest in  premium theme also .


5-     If you have more than good budget then invest in  professionals writers also which will be very beneficial .


6-     If you have big budget then invest in  SEO experts , Advertisements .


If you have any question or confusion about how to start a blog with low budget so use our comment box and leave your feedback !! I hope this article will be helpful for you so share this article with your friends too .






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