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Increase blog traffic

If you are running your own website and you have monetized your blog but still you are not making single bucks that’s mean your website is not getting quality traffic . In this post I will share best ways to  increase blog traffic and then your blog can be listed in top popular website in all over world .


How to Increase Blog traffic

Friends Traffic is really important for any website . Traffic equals to money !! Yes the more traffic your website is getting , the more money you make !!  But Many people use to start their dream website for making money but they do not aware that how to get website traffic . Here I  am going to share Six most popular tips which you can use on your website .


1-   Quality content :

You have heard many times that Content is king . If you do not publish quality content so there are no techniques of SEO which will work in your favor . Now what does it mean of quality ??  See before publish any article , read your  article very carefully as visitor and think your self that if you want information about particular topic so is article giving you all information which you are looking for ?? Are you getting interest to read whole article ?? If answer is Yes then you may proceed but if answer is No then you must understand that quality is lacking in your article .

When you  start to write any post so always write for your readers that what do they want to read and your aim should be that after read your post they should not feel to search any post about same topic . I must tell you that when you write any article so never think about money because this thought may distract you from quality writing  !!

Do not use copied content because Google is very smart and strict about duplicate content . If you are one of those people who use copied content , I am sorry to tell you that you are just wasting your time on your blog because Google hates duplicate articles . You can read other posts and can get some ideas about what to write !! But never copy and paste .


2-   Update your Blog :

Many people struggle to get traffic on blog because they focus on money instead of writing . Friends If you really want to increase website traffic . You should update your blog with new content always . I mean , Set your target that how many articles you will publish in week ?? If You set two post per week so you must stick with your target !! See When your readers will get an idea that you publish two new  articles in week so they will wait for your new posts and they will surely come to read your quality writing and your site traffic will be increase & will be maintain as well .


3-   Write SEO friendly article :

Now a days to monetize website is easy but to get first rank on Google is really tough but it is not impossible . If  You know about Search engine optimization , you know that it plays major role to rank any post or website on first page of Google . Here I am not going to write about SEO ( I will write about SEO in my new post ) but If you know about  On page SEO so you must write SEO friendly articles which will impact very good and your website will start to get organic traffic from Google .


4-   Use Images and Videos in article :

Friends Images and videos are best ways to attract readers because when you use relative images and videos in your post so it seems more professional and overall presentation of article seems really fantastic !! So always use Image and video where it is needed .

    But wait for second !! Images and videos are big files and when you use these files in page so may be your page load time can be increase and due to heavy page load time , your readers may leave your website  so always compress file before use in post . If you use word press so there is plugin which works really nice to reduce page load time.


5-   Use Social media platform :

Friends now a days competitions are really high and so do not wait that somebody will search your quality writing , You need to use Social media platform to share your quality post and you can drive quality traffic on your website . Social media is power full to get website traffic easily . There are many tools and service are available  on internet which offer to share articles on all major and popular social media sites at just one click .


6-   Do Off page SEO  :

You  know already that Off page SEO is really important to rank and get traffic on blog . Well Off page SEO is huge topic which has various task like :

  1. Directory submission
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Press releases
  4. Blog/forum commenting
  5. Blog submission
  6. Article submission
  7. Creating Back links
  8. PDF file share
  9. Video Optimization
  10. Image Link Building
  11. Web 2.0 Promotion & Social Networking
  12. Forum Posting
  13. YouTube uploading
  14. Answers posting
  15. Ad Posting
  16. Guest Blog Posting

So above all tasks come in Off page Search engine optimization . But Back links are one of the most important and trendy task which help you to  increase site traffic . Always remember few quality back links are useful instead of thousands spammy and worth less back links . ( Friends if you do not know about Off page SEO , I will write complete guide for you ) .


Friends  I am sure if you follow above instruction so you can convert your blog into most popular blog in all over world . Always remember that Blogging takes time to show you positive results , Now it depends on your work  and techniques that how much time your blog will take to get quality traffic !! Never give up  because if you want steady income so you will have to have patience & remember always :

There is no shortcut key of Success & No work or business will make you rich in one night !!

I hope you like this article , So please share this article with your friends because might be possible they will be struggling same problem that how to increase blog traffic so this article will be useful for them & leave your feed back using comment box or if have any question as well .









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