Understand Make Money On Fiverr Before You Regret.

If you want to earn passive income or want to buy high services at a low price so Fiverr is a website. Many people use to search Online work or home based job for extra earnings and in this post, I will let you know how to make money on Fiverr

make money on fiverr


How Fiverr Can Increase Your Profit!

Fiverr is an Online market place where any one can sell or buy service at just $5 !! There are many services like Logo design, Website design, App development, SEO services, Voice over services, Photoshop work etc which can be sell or buy on Fiverr and the best part is all services are available at just $5 but nowadays Fiverr has given option to sellers that they can sell their services at high price like $5- $995 .


Now The Time Is For You To Know The Truth About Fiverr.

As you know there are many alternatives websites available on the Internet where you can sell or buy services but why we choose only Fiverr ?? The reason is very simple that Fiverr is a very popular website on Internet. Let me show you :

As you can see Fiverr is premium website because its worth of $5,184297 USD which is a huge amount and 337,677 Unique users each day so now you can assume that how much traffic is coming on Fiverr website and Global Alexa rank is 410 which is brilliant and that is why It is one of best popular website . So here possibilities are high to get success due to high traffic !!


How To Make Money On Fiverr Better In Less Time?

First You need to create an account on Fiverr. It is very simple to create an account so after created account when you will log in your account so you will see Selling option at top bar on the right side.


So when you mouse over on selling option, you will see Gig option and just click on Gig option and after you see Add New Gig Option so you just need to click on this button.


Here’s What No One Tells You About Make money on Fiverr.

Fiverr Jobs are called by another name “Gig” or you can say that the service which you want to sell is called by name of Gig on Fiverr. You need to create Gig so when you will click on Add New Gig button you will redirect to new page. You can create your Gig in Six easy steps. Let me Show you step by step :


1- As you see below image. This is the First step where you need to give eye catchy title of your Gig, Choose relevant category & sub category, service type, and Tags. Do not forget that Tags are really important so at least add 4-5 tags and proceed to next step.



2-  Now This is Second step where you set your price of your Gig. As you see on Image now you can set price range $5- $995. I would like to recommended to set low price $5 -$10 because most people use to search high services at low price. There will be huge chances to get many orders if you will offer your Gig at a lower price.

Might be possible you think that $5 is too low, but I will show you some proofs where low-cost Gigs generate huge income per month.

In this step , You need to choose delivery time also and trust me it is very important option because if you choose delivery time 2 days and you will not be able to deliver your gig in that time so it will impact very bad on your seller account and might be possible your order will be cancelled from buyers . After giving all information in this second step, you can move on to the third step.


3-  This is Third step where you need to describe your Gig in maximum 1200 characters and this is very important step because your description will attract buyers and you will start to get orders. Try to write Seo optimized description so it will help to rank your Gig on Fiverr & Google and when your Gig will get traffic so there will be huge chances to get the first order and after that bulk orders. So now after the written proper description, you can move on to the Fourth step to click on save button and proceed.


4-  This is the fourth step where you need to write your requirements about to complete your Gig !! Suppose Your Gig is about to create Manual back links so your requirement will be like Website URL, Keywords which need to be rank etc so you can mention what do you need information to complete your Gig !! After mention your requirement, you can move on to the Fifth step so just click on continue button.


5-  This is the fifth step where you can add Photos to your Gig. A file must be in JPEG, JPG, PNG format and You can add up to three photos. The quality of the photos you display will influence customers so always use high quality and relevant photos for your Gig. The minimum image dimensions should be 550 widths and 370 height. In this step, you will also get an option to add your video where you can interact with buyers and convince them to choose your Gig !! According to Fiverr, Videos can increase user engagement by 40%. So this is an important step of Fiverr jobs. Now, After adding relevant high-quality images, you can move on to Final step so just click on save & continue button.


6- Now you are ready to publish your Gig !! After clicking on Publish button, Fiverr team will moderate your Gig and with in 24 hours your Gig will be approved and you will be ready to receive orders from buyers. Do not think ever that after publishing Gig You will get order instant. It will take time to rank your Gig.




How much money can you earn from Fiverr?

If your Gig worth is $5 so Fiverr gives you $ 4. They charge $1 as their fees.  So $4 is very low but as I said Fiverr has amazing traffic so you can get many orders. Let’s assume that You have published one Gig which is worth of $5 and you got 100 orders in one month so $4 * 100 = $400 you have earned !! Not bad at all and suppose You have published multiple Gigs like 3 Gigs so Your earning will be double !!

Many success full people are earning $1000 -$5000 per month. They had started Fiverr jobs as part time along with their regular job but now they have left their regular job and working on Fiverr as a full-time job. So if you have any skills then you must try Fiverr !!

I hope you like this post, I tried to cover all essential information about making money on Fiverr. Please if you have any question or feedback, leave your comment and I will be happy to assist you !!














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